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Any file, anywhere. From scanning to searching to securely sharing, we keep your team organized.

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Shaping future leaders, molding the young minds of tomorrow, and measuring how large the hole is on those shredded jeans.

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Any profession from psychologist to podiatrist – fedora repairs to sustainable sock sales, we've organized it all.

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State or local level. Whether your enforcing the law or reinforcing city hall's roof, we'll be your Department of Documents.


Despite what most first grade teachers will say, sharing is simple. Securely send details on upcoming projects, show off reports to auditors, quickly find out why the new transfer looks like a parent, all before first bell. Here's some of what we organize:

  • Student records
  • Transcripts & grade reports
  • Special education files
  • Faculty & personnel files
  • Payroll files
  • Student publications
  • Admission & registration records
  • School board records & minutes
  • Accounting & purchasing
  • Any file worth saving
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Unless you're a billionaire, sharing is simple. Until then, safely search up those expense reports, give encrypted access to the new accountant, securily send those newly crunched numbers to sales, all before the morning huddle. Here's some of what we organize:

  • Personnel files
  • Operational reports
  • Benefits information
  • Meetings records
  • Purchase orders
  • Bank statements
  • Contracts
  • Marketing materials
  • Payroll files
  • Any file worth saving
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Even with the most sensitive information, sharing is simple. Easily find last year's Summer Soiree budget, keep the inflatables contract confidential to avoid another blow up, send the meeting agenda privately, all before the daily briefing. Here's some of what we cover:

  • Audits
  • Permits & licenses
  • Payroll records
  • Employee contracts
  • Budget reports
  • Deeds & assessments
  • Police reports
  • Public works records
  • Meeting resolutions
  • Any file worth saving
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What sets Intellinetics apart?


Industry specific

Compliant with regulations for each industry we serve.

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We'll clear out that cluttered filing room, when you're ready.

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Strong security

Law enforcement grade security for peace of mind.

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Any document

Paper, microfilm, books, newspapers, Dead posters, etc.

What our clients are saying

Find what fits


  • Any document type
  • Any amount
  • Pick up, digitize, index
  • Storage available

A simple transformation of your documents. Physical to digital.


  • Unlimited access
  • Secure sharing
  • Industry compliance
  • Ongoing support

A cloud-based document management platform for risk-intensive markets.


  • Digital Mailroom
  • Claims Processing
  • Invoice Capture & File
  • Powered by AI

Advanced digital technologies to reduce your operational costs.

Frequently asked questions

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Intellinetics offers a variety of plans, each specific to certain industries. Find out what plan offers exactly what you need here.

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