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Digital Mailroom

Your organization’s digital post office. Traditional mail comes in, categorized emails get sent out. Perfect for remote-based companies and employees.

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Outsourcing solutions


  • Open, scan, classify, and digitally route mail
  • Faster than inhouse sorting and delivery
  • Facilitates remote and global delivery
  • Highly qualified, security-cleared personnel

Filters, indexes, and delivers mail to onsite and remote employees.


  • Automates claims cataloging
  • Integrates with your existing ERP
  • Custom document routing
  • Streamlines intake, review, adjudication, and payment

Improves the speed, transparency, and quality of managing claims.

Box Content

  • When the box label isn’t enough
  • Full inventory of boxed content
  • Database and metadata provided
  • Custom catalog structure

Goes beyond the label to find out what’s been hiding in those boxes.


  • Secure disposal of documents
  • Certificate of Destruction provided
  • Compliant with all government regulations
  • Keeps sensitive information safe

Disposes your documents securely to comply with retention policies while minimizing the risk of leaking information.


  • Discovers data collection requirements
  • Optimizes information gained from data
  • Executes approvals and sorting of data
  • Presents all structured data and related metrics

Organizes your data efficiently to further insight and deepen understanding.


  • 24/7 monitored security
  • Climate controlled warehouse
  • Barcoded inventory control
  • On demand records access

Store, preserve, and protect your records in our secure and compliant records storage facilities.

Full or foolish?

When your hands are as full as your inbox and “getting it done” turns into “getting done by it,” it’s time for some help.